Environmental Values

The Mayflower Park Hotel has been a long standing establishment within the Seattle community since 1927. For many years, before it was hip to be green, we have put our personal attention towards conserving the environment. We have always scrutinized all departments in our operations to minimize our waste and negative impact on earth. Every little bit has helped, from recycling our paper to using local produce in our restaurant. And the fact that our hotel is over 87 years old means our ‘carbon footprint’ is very small in the day and age of the ever-expansive development of new hotels.

Environmental Values

Our goals for the future include using our environmental management plan to guide our efforts to continually reduce the impact our hotel operation has on the environment. We will also focus on sharing our commitment with our guests through the Mayflower Park Hotel website and other forms of communication. And lastly, our community involvement with other green organizations will help us spread knowledge and power on how to keep the earth clean.

The Mayflower Park Hotel’s environmental focuses include the following:

  • Water and Energy Conservation:
    Retrofitted lighting and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Low flow water systems for toilets, showers and faucets.
  • Cleaning Supplies and Guestrooms:
    Mt. Hood Chemicals are used. They are based out of Portland, Oregon and all new products are in compliance with EPA’s Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative (SDSI). Volunteer linen reuse program noted in all guestrooms. All guestrooms have been non-smoking since 2003.
  • Entire Hotel:
    All departments have participated in our garbage recycling program since 1997. The entire hotel, including Oliver’s Lounge, has been non-smoking since 2005. The hotel provides bus subsidies for all employees. The hotel offers flexible schedules to cut down on congestion and idle exhaust.
  • Food and Beverage Department:
    Locally based vendors are used to support the local economy and cut down on gasoline consumption. Organic based ingredients are used in our restaurant, Andaluca.

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